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  • Tel: 08882922880
  • Mail: info@neuron3d.com

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Neuron 3d offers real estate professionals advanced architectural visualization technology to enhance marketing for new developments, and major renovation projects. Subject professionals may include real estate developers, building managers, realestate marketing agencies, brokers, interior designers, architects, and contractors.Neuron 3d work history includes single-family houses, multiple villa complexes, condominium buildings, hotels, and office buildings. Through a dedicated team of highly competent architects, graphic designers, as well as a high tech facility, Neuron 3D takes pride in producing top quality results for sophisticated and creative projects.

We are experts at visualising spaces. Our decade long experience of working on large scale Architectural and Interiors projects gives us an edge in conceptualising and bringing life to drawings. Our team has the ability to create realistic life-like 3D images. Our 3D designers are experts at creating images for Corporate interiors, Hotels, Villas, Residences, Retail Outlets, Exhibition, Commercial buildings, Malls and so on.

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Neuron 3D has always been driven by the desire to revolutionize the way people buy and sell real estate – to make the online search easier, more secure and more engaging. As the leader in global real estate marketing, we help people see the potential in their future living environment with digital marketing solutions that enable them to plan, furnish and decorate the home of their dreams.From cloud-based software, to 2D & 3D floor plan services, professional photo services, property slideshows, high-end 3D visualizations, flythrough animations, real estate business analysis, reproduction of drawings, and much more. Every solution we develop and produce is specially designed to help make real estate professionals’ online listings attract more buyers & renters. With over 45 employees globally, we serve more than 200 major real estate clients around the world.

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